• Determine the Correct Lift Spacer

Determine the Correct Lift Spacer


Air Lift lift spacers can be used with LoadLifter 5000 and 7500XL kits to provide the benefits of air suspension for lifted vehicles.

Do not assume that a 6” lift kit will require a 6” lift spacer. On many lift kits, the lift for the front end is higher than for the rear. In this case, the lift might be labeled as a 6”, but the rear lift may only be 4”. Contact the lift kit manufacturer for the height increase of the rear. Choose the spacer that is closest to the increased amount of the lift for the rear of the truck. It is preferred to mount the air spring taller — or slightly stretched — than shorter — or slightly compressed.

Air Lift company recommends to read installation manuals for the lift kit and the load assist kit to fully understand the interfaces between the two products prior to purchasing.

A second method for determining which lift spacer is needed is to measure between the mounting surfaces of the upper and lower brackets (Fig. 1), then subtract the height of the air spring at design height (Table 1). Choose the lift spacer kit with the appropriate height and angle (Table 2). Take all measurements at curb height (flat surface, no load).

Fig. 1

Determine Height of Air Spring

Air spring part no. Number on side
of air spring
Design Height
58437, 58496, 58491 5813 6″
58439, 58494 5814 5.5″
58115 5815 7″

Table 1

Lift Spacer Kit Numbers

Kit no. Lift spacer height Angle
52420 2″ Level
52440 4″ Level
52460 6″ Level
52445 4″ 4-degree pitch
52465 6″ 4-degree pitch

Table 2

Take all measurements at curb height (flat surface, no load).

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