Air Lift Launches New LoadLifter5000™ ULTIMATE Line of Adjustable Air Spring Kits With Internal Jounce Bumper

Lansing, MI – February 1, 2013 – Air Lift Company announced the release of a new, additional line of premium adjustable air spring kits—the LoadLifter5000 ULTIMATE series—that help drivers tow and haul heavy loads with the greatest ride comfort. This newest inclusion to the Air Lift line of air spring kits features all of the benefits of Air Lift’s heaviest rated LoadLifter5000 air springs, with the addition of a jounce bumper inside the air spring.

The closed-cell urethane foam jounce bumper inside each LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE adjustable air spring provides a cushion of air that absorbs shock, eliminates harsh jarring on rough roads and protects vehicles that are carrying heavy loads. Vehicles using this innovative new product may never bottom out again due to the shock absorbing properties of the internal jounce bumper.

The new LoadLifter5000 ULTIMATE air springs are maintenance-free. Drivers can safely run with zero air pressure for limited amounts of time because the internal jounce bumper protects the bag from any potential damage. While the factory jounce bumper is sometimes removed when installing standard air springs, the ULTIMATE air springs utilize an internal jounce bumper for the optimal ride and comfort when towing or hauling.

The new ULTIMATE adjustable air springs fit almost all ¾ and 1 ton trucks with leaf springs.

LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter5000 ULTIMATE kits are Air Lift’s heaviest-rated kits, specifically engineered for hauling or towing heavy loads. All LoadLifter 5000 kits work with the vehicle’s existing suspension to give up to 5,000 pounds of extra leveling capacity when needed, right up to the manufacturer’s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Rugged and durable, all LoadLifter 5000 air springs are reinforced with layers of fabric and rubber, similar to how a tire is manufactured. The end caps are constructed from ultra high-strength composite nylon; they are strong as steel, but are lighter and corrosion proof.

Air adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI, Air Lift air spring kits increase safety and comfort by helping to level and stabilize vehicles when towing or hauling heavy loads. A level, stable vehicle results in better braking, steering, headlight aim and also reduces sway, “porpoising”, and bottoming out. Just add air when loaded and reduce air pressure when riding unloaded.

Air Lift air springs are available for more than 540 makes and models of vehicles including pickup trucks, RVs, SUVs, CUVs and vans. For those with basic tools and mechanical know-how, Air Lift kits are easily installed within 2 hours or they can be installed at one of many Air Lift installer partners across the country.

All Air Lift air springs include a lifetime warranty on the entire contents of the kit as well as an industry-exclusive 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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